Tasting my world – the book

My travels are usually short. Short, but sweet, they say. In one or two weeks I get to see what most people will not ever see, hear, or experience. Instead of only sweet, I get served all tastes. Sweet, sour, salt, bitter and the often unknown umami. I try to reflect these experiences in stories made into blogs, poems and photos. These are now available in the book series and exhibition Tasting my world which mirrors all tastes on offer and the stories I get to tell because of it. They are not my stories, but of the people I meet, the landscapes I see, the smells that linger everywhere, the colours that vibrate in front of my eyes and the light that illuminates everything around it, reflected back by me.

Available are:

  • Tasting my world – the coffee table book. This includes stories, images and poetry.
  • Tasting my world – the poetry & photo book. This includes selected images & poems.

To order the books click on the images below or contact me directly.