Marije M. Nederveen
Marije M. Nederveen

About the storyteller and photographer – Marije M. Nederveen

In Sudan I was told for the first time that my name Marije sounds like the word for mirror in Arabic. A month later in response to my story about my impressions of Palestine and Israel a Palestinian lady who shared with me her story, said to me the same:

Your story mirrors what we feel and experience.

My curiosity about people and their stories is one of my main drivers in life. Another one, a strong sense of justice. The others are based on creativity, being sensitive to light, a love of colours and the many forms to use a language. The combination has helped me to study Sociology, engage in human rights and development work, create an interest in photography and find a friend in poetry to express what I observe, feel and experience.  Feel free to contact me.


Currently I have the privilege of working for Oxfam Novib, the Dutch office of Oxfam International. I consider myself both a committed colleague and staff, but also a critical friend of the organisation. My opportunities to travel are many because of this job. Trying to do the right thing, does not necessarily mean we always and automatically do this. We have to stay on our toes to really help deliver what people need. To learn more about Oxfam, please have a look at its current work and to learn more about my overall professional experience, please see my linkedin profile.