They call the wind Mariah

On my flight in I was sitting next to an older American named John. John is going on Safari, but once upon a time studied political science. We ended up discussing lots of things, from our impressions of Africa (he had mostly interacted with nature, and me mostly with the people), the re-election of Obama and the relief he had felt to see this happening, the current unsolvable financial tax cliff in the US, and how he had served in alternative social services instead of being drafted to go off to the Vietnam war at the end of the sixties.

After a while he noted, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever heard your name before,’ and said it with the familiar drawn out American accent: Maaa-ri-ah as, an imitation of my Dutch ‘Marije’.  I tend not to correct this, as it is often the closest it will get to the pronunciation of my name. And maybe because he was older, Mariah Carey didn’t immediately really ring a bell, but later on he did recollect her. Either way, he pointed out another thing ‘There’s a song about your name.’

Being a sucker for anything to do with names, this triggered me in particular and after being thoroughly initiated in the Mwangi family who I’m staying with since yesterday – by cooking a meal with lovely Njeri and her 3 kids and keeping them entertained for the most part of the day (and as a new guest they certainly want to make a good impression on me) I’ve found a moment to look up the song. And sometimes coincidences make you smile even more than you expect. In the excitement before my trip this little poem popped into my head on my way home from my Christmas family visit.

I’m turning the key
To set my thoughts free
and float on the winds of personal destiny

The song text is of a slightly different nature (I’m asked in the end to blow love in the right direction, which I will gladly contribute to whenever I can), but for the title itself I’ll take it as a good omen for this new journey of inspiration. The name of the song is: ‘They call the wind Mariah.’ Enjoy listening to it.


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