Changing the pace?

My flight in went smoothly. I always love the moment where you pass over from flying along Italy’s coast and seeing the many patches of different colours of the European continent changing over to the Mediterranean sea into the vast red earth continent of Africa. It’s like the change of colour between the two continents signals to settle into a different pace of life. A life where there can be many more inconveniences and confusing issues, but often taken with a style of laissez-faire that I can only envy. The customs seemed to prove this assumption, as I had to change lines three times for no apparent reason. But let’s be honest, that is the romantic view of African life.

The minute I entered the bustling roads of Kampala this became clear. The chaotic traffic was flocked with thousands of people making their way around to one point or another. A

Looking up in the lobby of the hotel
Looking up in the lobby of the hotel

nd the fact that my taxi needed to be pushed on again in the middle of traffic wasn’t much to the pleasure of my proud driver.

Moreover if I thought of making a slow start I was already proven wrong this morning. A staff member of Memprow, the organisation I will be working with in Uganda, called me at 8 o’clock to ask whether she could deliver the documents I had requested for via email. Oops, I was not even up and had to get dressed like mad in order to receive her. I was happy to see her though, as the hotel they have booked me in, is immense and I honestly felt a bit lost (I can do a cartwheel in my room, I’ve tried). She also offered to take me out later in the day, so I’d better start studying the documents she brought (among them parts of the Ugandan Constitution) as they’ve also reworked my training schedule, so that it doesn’t start Monday morning, but already Sunday evening.

Seems like I won’t be adjusting to a different pace of life….


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