The Discovery school

The Discovery School is a private school in Botha Bothe. 26 children go there and try to master Sotho, mathmatics, English, arts and other subjects. However this school shows that good primary education is never a given and the Right to Education a far cry from realised in Lesotho. The willingness of the teachers is there, but they do not have enough books to teach from and no library. The children have nothing to play with in the breaks, except for their own imagination and the classrooms only have a few chairs and tables. Whether these children will actually have an opportunity at a good education is for me a big question. They will need a lot of will power to learn under these circumstances and to find a strength within themselves to get to a well educated future.

School book in Sotho - click on the photo for more
School book in Sotho – click on the photo for more

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