Sushi and Tapas Out Now!

A little over a year ago I received a phone call. I was in the middle of painting my new apartment. I know a fair amount of country codes, but the one flickering on my display didn’t ring a bell. When I answered a woman introduced herself as Gim, calling from Lagos, Nigeria. I’m quite international, but calls from Nigeria are certainly not a daily event. She was calling about my interest in writing a story for the book they were compiling. It took me a few seconds to remember what it was about, but my colleague at the time had forwarded me an email with the suggestion I would join, since I loved to write (thanks Loeky for the introduction!). I had answered that I was interested, but being so busy with my apartment it had totally slipped my mind. I’m still surprised how easy that conversation and then writing my contribution went.


This morning I received the email, the book is online and can be ordered. To have my contribution in there is more than amazing. I’ve only had a quick browse through, but you will find 25 stories of women around the globe. I know I will spend the rest of my day reading, but I definitely want to invite you to BUY this book. This is quite a shameless advertisement, but all proceeds (after printing cost) will go to charity and to be honest, I’m more than sure you will find a story in there that will touch your heart and you will be able to relate to. Or simply make you smile.

Thank you Pep Bardouille and Gim Huay Neo for providing such a great opportunity and such a wonderful idea in your own lives in transit. I’m more than looking forward in meeting you and the other woman in one way or another.


Sushi and Tapas cover
Sushi and Tapas cover

As a teaser of course the first paragraph of my contribution: Little Ghost of Change

She looks back at you or maybe she looks slightly away. Is it a stern, serious or shy look? I’m still not sure. A bow in her hair, a dress which falls to her knees, and shoes like I always wanted, because they make you look like a dancer. A small bag dangles from her left arm. Is she also carrying a small hat?

I found this drawing of a little girl on the side of a pavement in Belgrade, also known as the White City, along the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers. I was on my way to a museum, but the guard told me in French that I would need to return the next day; it was closing time.

Order a copy or download the e-book of Sushi and Tapas, edited by Pepukaye Bardouille & Gim Huay Neo at


Post Scriptum September 2012

The book has been launched recently by publisher Epigram books in Singapore and is now only for sale at the website.

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