To write or not to….

To write or not to…

This blog has seen few posts over recent months. This doesn’t mean I have not been writing, I’ve actually been writing a lot – on scraps of paper, in notebooks, on my old, old type writer and for final versions on the computer. Not about the usual things you will find here, but I had the chance to write two small personal pieces for a theater course Í’m attending and performed one already – scary and exciting! – participated in a community art project to create a flag that represented a feeling of ‘being at home’, and participated in a writer’s workshop, where we practiced small pieces of different kind of writing every week. It made me realise how much I love it, and how much I can develop in that area. Whether this is of use for you to know, that’s a question, but I love the fact that I’ve found a creative side of me again. I can recommend anyone to plunge into the realm of your own creativity, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find there. It’s like a small treasure that you’ve been carrying with you all this time, that you didn’t know about and as it unfolds you start to understand its meaning better.


The extra bonus are of course the other participants, which make you laugh, trigger new ideas through their own creative approaches and share (part of) their personal story or how they view the world. Thank you all! It inspires me and makes me laugh and reflect in a positive way.


On top of this, I want to say thanks to my recent ‘teachers’ or perhaps as the Japanese say: my senseis, which are so much more than simply your teacher, they guide, inspire, help reflect and push you that one step further than you’re daring to go – even when they don’t realise it. Thanks Elisabeth Boor of the De Theaterkamer, Thanks Matthew Curlewise of Amsterdam Writers and Thanks Stefan Yordanov for developing such a great community art project. This one is for all of you, which I wrote during the writer’s workshop, but is probably the result of all creative things coming together:



I radiate when I smile

I illuminate when I laugh

I light up a room when I enter


I never did this before

I simply washed ashore

after the sea sucked me in


And for a moment there

I thought it was the end

but it spit me out

to start smiling again

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