Inspiration Journeys

It’s more than obvious I’m idealist with a thorough believe in the power of people. Many would call me naive, but I simply love people and my basic philosophy is that you can (almost) trust anyone on this globe, as long as you approach them with the same respect that you wish to receive as a human being yourself. When respect goes out the window, that’s where the trouble starts.

A friend of mine once remarked, you have a nose for finding wonderful people. I’m not sure if it’s my talent or actually a genuine interest in the incredible diversity that you can find among the species called homo sapiens. It’s my best source of inspiration.

This leads to the other thing I love. The stories that people tell you. How you can laugh, cry and experience being human when interacting together, because in the end every story is not a single story, it’s about a life of a person. Just as important or unimportant as yours. I get moved more than often, I also turn shy when impressed. With this curiosity I ended up in the collection of stories in Sushi & Tapas, which has been re-launched last week in Singapore. I wrote my contribution right before I started this blog, and the essence of my story is to share the wonderful stories I’ve had the privilige to come across, but also the ones that come forth out of my own imagination.

A place where you can run where you can hide

Where you find your sense of pride

This dream has materialised in many different ways. Not only on this blog, but I started writing poetry – and to my own surprise love doing that – and next to this have started to perform some of these stories on stage with the help of a wonderful theater course and amazing teacher as I wrote before.

Another friend of mine remarked she was already looking forward to my memoirs. To be honest, that sounds rather far off, but I’m genuinely proud of the stories – or perhaps better said lives – and the work I’ve been part of so far on this blog, but also the years before. And it was the people that inspired me to continue, to want to do more and to be incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had.

For this reason I’ve started up my own concept of Inspiration Journeys. Over the coming months I hope to develop this idea further, and will take you along on the Inspiration Journeys I experience, whether it’s close to home or somewhere out there on the globe. For now, watch the interview of the Sushi & Tapas launch in Singapore, I’m incredibly proud to be among such an inspiring group of women and humbled by the experiences that they have shared.

PS Don’t forget to buy the book! Click on this link or find it on Amazon yourself.

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