From 8 to 8

This leg of the journey will end tomorrow. Just some facts and figures.

I flew on 9 planes, landing in 6 countries, staying in 4.

I stayed in each country at least in 2 places, so in 30 days 9 different beds.

Among them, 3 hotels, 2 guest houses, 4 places of friends.

(I stopped unpacking after about the fourth place)

I shared my bed with 3 friends and 1 colleague (no details available ;-), but the colleague is now also a friend)

I swam in 2 different pools.

Cooked 4 times myself in 2 different countries.

Yes, the rest of the time was at the hotels, restaurants, friends cooking for me etc.

Had 4 different cellphone numbers.

Used 6 different currencies.

Saw the biggest lake of Africa (Victoria if you didn’t know).

Visited 1 cocktail party with expected result.

Visited 1 pharmacy, but stayed healthy the rest of time

Got 2 massages in 2 different countries and had my nails done once.

Got invited to drinks by total strangers in 3 countries (and kindly refused – I know, no sense of adventure…).

Watched South African soap series in 3 out of the 4 countries.

Went to the movies in 2 countries.

Lost 1 jacket, a set of toothpicks and of course my 2 usb’s….

Bought 2 books, and only 1 new cookbook.

More importantly trained around 60 people.

Worked in 2 different languages.

Worked in 3 different offices, working directly together with 4 different organisations.

And last but not least, my blog was read over 700 times, by people out of at least 20 different countries. Ranging from of course the Netherlands, the US, Nepal, Pakistan, Belgium, Uganda, Zambia, Ireland…incredible!

I hope you have enjoyed it so far, I will continue soon again, to let you know what changes I seem to have undergone. I’m learning to embrace them slowly.

I know 1 thing changed at home though for sure, I have 1 new kitchen. For which I’m eternally greatful to my friend Hawa Nur (for arranging and putting up with the mess!!!), my parents and brother for all their hard work and making sure the kitchen guy actually did a good job! You really made my life a lot easier, hence a big public Thank You is in order.

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